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September 18, 2013
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Endless Memories by Sw1tchbl4de Endless Memories by Sw1tchbl4de
Well, where to begin, this was and shall likely for a good long time remain the largest artwork i have ever made, and one which id spent the longest time making. Id started it back in 2009, a few weeks after discovering Dreamkeepers and back when the chatroom of the website was using an older app. It was a time when i couldnt even imagine id ever end up workin for the comic, or that i would even have people comission me for my art, but even more it was a time when some folks, whos OCs are depicted here would still go to the chatroom on nearly a daily basis. Over time though, that slowly died down, and a year leter even I wasnt loging in too often, and when i would id rarely stumble into someone i used to know.

Back then, this image was formed in my mind, mostly it was born from an affection id felt for everyone who would log into the chat, even some folks i barely spoke to, and i immediately began to work on it, but comissions and even more university and exams inevitably made my time limited and left me working on this more and more rarely, often thinking id never get arround to finishing this.

But, i had to finish it, for this image was, and remains a homage to the joy those days and those conversation gave me, it is an image full of improvisations, a learning progress in shading and inevitable mistakes which i doubt i could ever completely correct, however ive finally gotten a few days of time to simply shade and finalise the mostly completed image so ive sat down and with dedication managed to finish it.
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Oh you finished it.  It's looking real good.  That pictuer of the city is the most detailed I have seen so far.  its incredible.
ezioauditore97 Sep 20, 2013  Student General Artist
I really miss a lot of people on the chat and forums like Twi and Sorrel.....Great work!Very cheerful stuff.

I wasn't on the chat rooms much on the forums, as I was more forumer than chatter myself...but those were some fun times to be sure =)


Glad to see you finished this piece Switch -_^

Haha wow, that's pretty friggin' awesome, dude! Congrats on finishing!
Cribbitcat Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WAY COOL !!!!!!
The chat must be revitalized! D:
That's an inspiring story there, all of that work to make this well-done piece of art. You deserve some credit after this.
Hey! I found Dave and Liz!
Leokingdom10 Sep 18, 2013   Traditional Artist
coolest draw EVER!
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